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Urgo Patch Electrotherapie Recharge 3

Urgo Patch Electrotherapie Recharge 3


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URGO patch electrotherapy allows you to relieve your pain muscles (lumbago, back pain), joint, nerve pain (sciatica) and tendon trauma(after the opinion of a health professional).

Easy-to-use and ready-to-use it is suitable for anyone over the age of 16 in search ofa solution of the multi-pain non-drug and without side effects*.

Indications: for relief electrotherapy back pain, joint pain, chronic and acute, neuralgia, pain resulting from trauma musculo-skeletal.

This patch is intended to any person :

  • More 16 years suffering from pain muscle, joint, nerve or tendon trauma
  • Looking for a alternative to drug solutions
  • Looking for a solution multi-pain nomad
  • After you have inserted the battery, remove the 1st protective film of the gel adhesive to be applied on the electrical circuit of the patch, and then remove the 2nd protective film, to keep for re-freezing after use (for better conservation)
  • Position the patch on the skin, at the place where the sore point
  • Turn on the patch by pressing 3 seconds on the " + " button : a beep indicates the ignition. The device is running but does not deliver still current (intensity level 0).
  • Press again on the " + " button to start the stimulation. Support of progressive and repeated on the " + " button to increase the intensity. Press the " - " button to decrease the intensity if needed.
  • The shutdown is automatic after 20 minutes. To stop the session before the expiry of the 20 minutes, the patch should absolutely be turned off. To turn it off, press for 3 seconds on the " - " button until you hear a beep. The device can then be removed.
  • Take off the patch of skin and cover the gel adhesive with the protective film.

Also called TENS (NeuroStimulation Electrical Transcutaneous), electrotherapy is a method non-drug that uses an electrical current of low voltage.

It is a technique notably used by the physios.

The patch is on the nerve fibres in the painful area by blocking the transmission of painto the spinal cord and the brain.

This action also helps to stimulate the release of endorphins, the molecules at the origin of the destruction of the natural pain.

Composition of the box :

  • 1 electro stimulator, wireless
  • 3 refills gel adhesive (approximately 20 uses per gel)
  • 1 battery lithium CR2032 (approximately 20 times, or about 7 hours of use)

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