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Opticalmax Gouttes Bleues 10ml



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The flower waters distilled in a base of blueberry, s yellow sweet clover, witch hazel, chamomile and elderberry soothe and moisturize the cornea. They reduce the eye strain after a visual activity, prolonged and confer an optimal glare to your eye by making the whites of your eyes, optically more white.

Who is it for?

  • You suffer from eyestrain after a long day?
  • Your eyes are red after a night out?
  • You want to find a look bright?

With a few drops of Blue Drops Opticalmax, your eyes are more white and regain their clarity and brilliance that natural!

  1. Remove the test strip from security on the first use.
  2. Remove the white cap and hold the vial in an upright position.
  3. Put one to two drops in the corner of each eye.
  • Remove the prerequisite of your contact lenses and wait 15 minutes before putting them.
  • This product may stain, it is recommended to protect your clothing.

Blend of floral waters distilled (cornflower, sweet clover, witch hazel, chamomile and elderberry), methylene blue, azulene, benzalkonium chloride, sodium borate, sodium chloride. Without parabens and phenoxyethanol.

Properties of the product:

  • Blue drops based on a mixture of floral waters distilled.
  • They eliminate the redness of eyes after a long day or output.
  • This product is a great success in France for more than 50 years already.
  • Recommended by photographers and cosmeticians French.

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