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Seaderm Gommage Corporel Moussant 200ml



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Thanks to this care product foaming, your skin becomes again pleasantly soft and glowing.

It regains all its brilliance.

The substances gommantes/exfoliating and the principles slightly foaming cleanse the epidermis of the skin cells dead.

Algae and sea water contain a large amount of minerals and trace elements, which they can enrich the skin.

The scent of this scrub/this exfoliage envelops the skin with a refreshing aroma and energizing.

The moisturizing agents leave a film hydroprotecteur soothing and calming on the surface dermal.

Extract of kelp/brown algae (extract glycolic acid): 10,5 %

Minerals and trace elements: 2 180 ppm

Agents/principles of gentle cleansers: 16 %

Agents/principles scrubs: 6 %

Sea water: 5 %

Agents/principles of moisturizers: 2 %

Use under the shower.

Apply the body scrub foaming in a circular motion massage.

Start with the ankles and continue uphill (always proceed from the bottom up).

Finish the treatment with a cold shower.

The body scrub foaming can be used 1 to 3 times per week.

Technique of application: circular movements, massage (in the sense of the needles of a watch and intestinal transit) from the bottom up (starting with the ankles, then the legs, the groin, etc.).

Can be applied on the entire surface of the body.

Attention: be sure to massage the knees, elbows and heels.

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