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Ecoflac Nacl 0,9% 1 X 500 Ml

Ecoflac Nacl 0,9% 1 X 500 Ml

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This medicine is a solution of sodium chloride which is administered using a small tube inserted into a vein (intravenous infusion).
It contains sodium chloride the concentration of which corresponds to that of the salt in the blood.
You are receiving this drug to ensure that the liquid or the salt is administered in the following cases :

- you have a deficit in cash, or a deficiency of fluid and salt (dehydration isotonic or hypotonic) ;
- the rate of chloride in your blood is low or the pH of your blood is abnormally high ;
- you have lost the chloride.

This solution is also used in the following cases :
- as a complement to immediate of the blood volume after blood loss ;
- as a vehicle to administer other electrolytes or drugs ;
- as a treatment of wounds and moistening of the compresses and bandages.

The drug is intended for intravenous use, or is used to rinse or moisturize.

Use in children
Babies and children : 20 to 100 ml per 24 hours, per kilogram of body weight, depending on the age and total body mass.

The amount of medicine that you are given depends on your needs in a fluid and salts (electrolytes).
Recommended Dose : 500 ml to 3 litres per 24 hours.

Exceptionally, if you need a replacement urgent blood volume lost, this solution can be administered quickly by using a drip under pressure. In this case, extreme caution is required because all the air must be removed from the container, and the tubing must be removed prior to the start of the infusion.

The active substance is sodium chloride.
1000 ml of the solution containing 9.0 g of sodium chloride.
- The other component is water for injection.

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