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Omnibionta Pronatal Metafolic X 90

Omnibionta Pronatal Metafolic X 90

Omnibionta - Bion  

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Omnibionta® Pronatal and Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA are used before, during, and after pregnancy.
Omnibionta® Pronatal is to recommend as soon as you want to have a child/be pregnant. Indicated for the healthy development from the outset of the child and to cover the specific needs of the body of the mother.
Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA is to be recommended as early as the 13th week of pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding. Indicated for optimum protection of the child and the mother.

Folic acid: a vitamin without a doubt of vital importance.
Folic acid is of vital importance in the context of cell division. This is the reason why it is also responsible for the development and growth of the baby.
Metafolin®: the natural form of folic acid.
Our body converts folic acid first of all in its active form. Advantage of Metafolin®: Metafolin® is already the active form of folic acid, that is to say, that which is in our body. This is the reason for which our body can use Metafolin® directly and more easily.
Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA contains a combination of 400 µg of folic acid as well as an identical quantity of Metafolin®. The daily intake of this association, you can already achieve an optimal rate of folates in the cells and tissues after not less than 4 weeks.
Anyway, the reserves of folate are not completed overnight. To tell the truth, we should already ensure a sufficient intake of folic acid and Metafolin® from the moment one wishes to have a child and what to cover from the outset, the increased needs in this regard. It is necessary in this context to realize that no less than a few days after fertilization, of the important phases in the development of the baby will unfold and will continue during the entire period of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, the majority of women do not yet know they are pregnant during this early phase. Consequently, the ideal solution would be to start taking a supplement Omnibionta® Pronatal 3 months before the beginning of the pregnancy, the objective being to upgrade the reserves of folate (often reduced by taking the pill).
Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
Docosahexaenoic acid. Women who are pregnant and those who give the breast can even better contribute to the optimal development of their child thanks to the DHA/DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), namely an essential fatty acid, polyunsaturated of the range of omega-3, id is a substance extracted from, among others, the fish of the sea fatty. Docosahexaenoic acid is important for the proper overall development of the child. It is especially important for the proper intellectual development and the development of the vision. Docosahexaenoic acid also works to reduce the mood swings of the mother just after childbirth.
A decision early docosahexaenoic acid, namely, as early as the 13th week of pregnancy, allows you to fill the reserves of the body of the mother with DHA, because DHA needs increased already since the second half of the pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding duration. In fact, DHA is passed from the mother to the child during the period of pregnancy and then through breast milk. We strongly recommend a minimum amount daily of 200 mg of DHA. Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) contains 200 mg of docosahexaenoic acid extracted from fish oil highly purified and concentrated. A process of rigorous production guarantee a perfect quality and odorless. The vitamin E ensures that this valuable fatty acid DHA maintains its stability in the body.
A daily dose of Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA ensures not only an optimal amount of fatty acid DHA, but also the intake of all other food substances essential for optimal development of the child, namely:
Zinc: is an essential contribution to the structural development of all the cells.
Iron: it plays an extremely important role in the transport of oxygen. An iron deficiency (= iron deficiency), namely, a state that may cause fatigue (temporary), is one of the most common symptoms during the period of the pregnancy.
Vitamin C: it promotes the assimilation of iron by our body.
Iodine: iodine is as a rule too little present in our food bowl, which means that the food intake does not meet increased requirements of iodine during the period of the pregnancy. Iodine still plays a role in the hormonal balance in the mother and ensures the proper intellectual development of the baby.
Magnesium: important substance for the growth of the baby. In addition, magnesium contributes to a relaxing effect on the uterus of the mother, and relieves night cramps in the calves (frequent during the period of pregnancy). It follows that a high dose is recommended (for example: 450 mg = 1 packet or 1 capsule of Promagnor®).
Beta-carotene: beta-carotene is a precursor and a harmless form of vitamin A. The body will convert beta-carotene into vitamin A as its needs.
Other important nutrients:
Vitamin B1 supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and energy intake.
Vitamin B2 is necessary for the entire energy metabolism.
Vitamin B6 supports the metabolism of proteins, plays a role in cell division and ensures a healthy growth of the baby.
Vitamin B12 plays a role in the transport of oxygen and the functioning of the locomotor system.
Vitamin E protects the cells and tissues of the body.
Biotin keeps the skin, hair and nails in good health.
Vitamin B5 is important for the formation of functional substances such as hormones.
The nicotinamide supports the barrier function of the skin.
All in all: Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA allows you to support the optimal development of your baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

1 tablet of Omnibionta Pronatal contains:
vitamins per tablet - % of the RDA
vitamin C 180 mg - 300 %
nicotinamide 20 mg - 111 %
vitamin E 12 mg - 120 %
vitamin B5 10 mg - 167 %
beta-carotene 3 mg - 63 % (vitamin A)
vitamin B6 2.2 mg - 110 %
vitamin B2 1.6 mg - 100 %
vitamin B1 1.5 mg - 107%
folate: folic acid, L-méthylfolate (= Metafolin®) 800 mcg - 400 mcg - 416 µg (equivalent to 400 µg folic acid) - 400 % - 200 % - 200 %
biotin 100 mcg - 67 %
vitamin D 10 µg - 200 %
vitamin B12 2.2 ág - 220 %
minerals per tablet - % of the RDA
magnesium 70 mg - 23 %
iron 28 mg - 200 %
zinc 15 mg - 100 %
copper 1 mg - 91 %
manganese 1 mg - 29 %
iodine 150 mcg - 100 %
1 tablet of Omnibionta Pronatal + DHA contains:
2 kinds of capsules, of which the 2nd contains 200 mg of docosahexaenoic acid, (DHA/DHA).
Docosahexaenoic acid 200 mg
This formula deserves a big bravo!

1 tablet per day, from the moment where the woman wants to conceive until the end of breastfeeding. Small tablet easy to swallow and digest, to be taken preferably at breakfast.
Omnibionta® Pronatal + DHA is to be recommended as early as the 13th week of pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding.

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