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Skin Infections

  • Local treatment of lesions limited to impetigo and impétiginisation, among other things, the gale and pédiculoses (in conjunction with an etiological treatment)
  • Adjunctive therapy the use of systemic antibiotics (when necessary) in cases of furuncle and impetigo staphylococcal to multiple lesions
  • Boils and furunculosis: as proposed in the prevention of the spread of staphylococci if a furuncle; proposed for the disinfection of the lodgings microbial after furunculosis
  • Whitlow after surgery, sycosis staphylococcal, folliculitis
  • Impetigo and ecthyma; as adjunctive treatment of another antibiotic used by general way

Prophylaxis of infections

  • In surgery and trauma: secondary infection of superficial burns and superficial wounds
  • Proposed in the treatment of the transport of microbial nasal among healthy carriers (nasal carriers), in particular if they are in contact with food or patients at risk. The ointment does not seem to be a treatment of first choice in this indication.


  • The cream is particularly indicated for oozing lesions macerated as well as in the skin folds
  • From the aesthetic point of view, the cream is more suitable for applications in the face that the ointment

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