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Pharmaton Vitality Caplets 30 Nf

Pharmaton Vitality Caplets 30 Nf


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Pharmaton Vitality, is a dietary supplement that helps to reduce tiredness thanks to the vitamin C, B2, B3, B6, B12. It is also good for the memory, increases the resistance and gives more energy due to the Ginseng extracts G115® standardised

Helps to reduce fatigue is also good for the memory, increases the resistance and gives more energy.

1 tablet of Pharmaton Vitality per day, during the morning meal or noon. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep the bottle tightly closed in a dry place, at room temperature (15-25°C), out of the sight and reach of young children. Pregnant women: do not exceed the recommended amount for vitamin A; ask for the advice of a physician.

This food supplement is not suitable for children up to 3 years included. Consult your doctor or pharmacist in case of concomitant use of treatment against the diabetes.

The food supplements cannot be used as substitutes of a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

nutritional composition per caplet :

  • ginseng extract G114 standardized 40mg
  • vitamin A 800 ug vitamin B1(thiamine) 1.1 mg
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1.4 mg
  • vitamin B3 ( niacin) 16 mg
  • vitamin B6 1.4 mg
  • vitamin B12 2.5 μg
  • vitamin C 60mg
  • vitamin D 5 ug
  • vitamin E 12 mg
  • vitamin H (biotin) 50 ug
  • foliumzuur / folic acid 200 ug
  • calcium 120 mg
  • koper / copper 1 mg
  • ijzer /Iron 10.5 mg
  • magnesium / magnesium 56,2 mg
  • mangaan / manganese 2 mg
  • selenium / selenium 55 ug
  • zink / zinc 1.5 mg

Vitality caplets ingredients :

Monocalcium hydrogenofosfaat/Dibasic monocalcium; Stabilisatoren/Stabilizers (cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidon(e), polyvinylpolypyrrolidon(e)); Magnesiumoxide/magnesium Oxide; Ascorbinezuur/ascorbic Acid (lactose); Panax ginseng extract G115®/Extract Panax ginseng G115® (lactose); D--tocoferolacetaat/Acetate D--tocopherol; IJzer(II)sulfaat/

Sulphate of iron II; ß-caroteen/ß-carotene; Nicotinamide; Antiklontermiddelen/anti-Caking (magnesiumstearaat/ magnesium stearate, siliciumdioxide/silicon dioxide); Glansmiddelen/Coating (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose/ hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, talk/talc, triëthylcitraat/citrate triéthyle); Mangaansulfaat/manganese Sulfate; D-biotin;

Zinksulfaat/zinc Sulfate; Thiaminemononitraat/thiamine Mononitrate; Koper(II)sulfaat/copper Sulphate II; Cyanocobalamin; Kleurstoffen/Dyes (ijzeroxide/iron oxide, titaandioxide/

titanium dioxide); Cholecalciferol/Cholecalciferol; Pyridoxinehydrochloride/pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Riboflavin; Foliumzuur/folic Acid (pteroylmonoglutaminezuur/ ptéroylmonoglutamique); Natriumseleniet/sodium Selenite

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