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Bach Flower Rescue Remed.30Ml Dynar

Bach Flower Rescue Remed.30Ml Dynar


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Bach Rescue Remedy is a remedy in particular that is also referred to as the "emergency remedy" or "cure first aid". It combines 5 Bach flower remedies, namely, clematis (clematis), cherry plum (prunus white), impatiens (for impatience), rock rose (hélianthème) and star of Bethlehem (star of Bethlehem).
It is a remedy to use in case of situations of stress acute, in case of an emergency, in case of accident and in case of a state of shock. Rescue Remedy alleviates the anxiety/fear, and restores confidence and peace. We strongly recommend that you always have this remedy at hand.
The author's comments
States of fear/anxiety:
Rock rose hélianthème: panic, terror
Mimulus - nutmeg: afraid (the origin of which is to be determined)
Cherry plum - prunus white: fear of losing self-control
Aspen - aspen: fear, the origin of which is not determined
Red chestnut - chestnut red: fear of the other
Cerato - plumbago: do not have enough confidence in its own intuition
Scleranthus - alène: indecision
Gentian - gentian amarelle: doubt/lack of confidence
Gorse - gorse: despair
Hornbeam - hornbeam common: fatigue
Wild Oat - wild oat: uncertainty as to which way to go/as to what to do
Lack of interest for the present (now and here):
Clematis - clematis: dreamy state
Honeysuckle - honeysuckle: living in the past
Wild rose - wild rose: apathy
Olive - olive: mental and physical exhaustion
White chestnut - horse chestnut white: unwanted thoughts
Mustard - wild mustard: depression for no apparent reason (the origin of which is not determined)
Chestnut bud - buds of horse chestnut: lack of attention
State of solitude:
Water violet - violet water: voluntary separation of other
Impatiens - impatience: impatience
Heather - heather: self-centeredness
Hypersensitivity to influences and ideas:
Agrimony - aigremoine: hypersensitivity to the arguments and discussions
Centaury - knapweed: don't know how to say no/always wanting to help others
Walnut - walnut: sometimes suggestible
Holly - holly: jealousy
State of dejection and despair:
Larch - larch: lack of self-confidence
Pine - scots pine: remorse, guilt feelings
Elm - elm pastoral: sentiments passengers failure
Sweet chestnut - chestnut common: suffering
Star of Bethlehem - star of Bethlehem: shock
Willow - white willow: feelings of grudge/resentment
Oak - oak: endurance in the fight, never give up
Crab apple - wild apple-tree: the cure of purification
Excessive concern for the well-being of others:
Chicory - chicory: state possessive
Vervain - vervain: over-enthusiasm, ideas fixed
Vine - vine: domination
Beech - common beech: intolerance
Rock water - rock water: self-discipline, perfectionism
The author's comments
The therapy of Bach flowers attached importance to the "psyche" and not to the physical aspect of the condition. How do we feel? How do we respond? The answers to these questions are of paramount importance and we act at this level. Negative moods are the cause of many conditions. When we are able to remedy this, we note that the physical symptoms/bodily (= the disease) have disappeared. So, we can act on character traits, negative to positive characteristics.

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