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Bio Biloba 150 Comprimes x60mg


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Poor memory/memory loss, mental disturbance, problems in concentration. The company also advises that the product is cold hands and feet, and in the case of poor circulation in the legs.

Ginkgo biloba, standardized extract of dry leaves 60 mg (14,4 mg of flavonglycosides, 3.6 mg of terpene lactones).
100 mg corresponded to a dosage that is too high according to the law of the nutrients.
The synergy of the two main substances (flavonoids and terpenes) results in, in addition to an improvement of the homeostasis of blood and an antioxidant action, an input/increasing flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain cells.

1 tablet per day.
Problems of coagulation (homeostasis spontaneous).
Precautionary measures
Do not use this food supplement during pregnancy and lactation.
Be careful with patients following a treatment with anticoagulants.
Side effects
Unknown in case of normal use.
Permanent control of the microbiological purity, pesticides/herbicides/insecticides, and heavy metals.

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