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when to use it

The fatigue is temporary, apathy, or over-excitement are signs that our body gets a hard intense effort or overwork. The human body produces energy by burning various substances, such as proteins, sugars and fats. This energy is vital to the functioning of our bodies and for the stimulation of the faculty of recovery.

Directions: 1 tablet/day in the phase of start-up and maintenance, 2 tablets/day in the phase of training, during exercise or competition and during recovery.

Do not exceed the amount recommended daily. A food supplement cannot replace a balanced and varied diet nor a healthy lifestyle.

Biocure® Long Action Sports contains 3 essential amino acids: Leucine, isoleucine and valine. The body cannot produce these amino acids, which must therefore be the subject of a complement. Biocure Long Action Sport also contains the amino acid Lcarnitine. Amino acids are building blocks of muscles and are therefore very important for the athlete active. This combination of elements is supplemented with vitamins and minerals: - vitamin B-complex is important for the body as it intervenes in the normal functioning of energy metabolism. The B6 vitamin, moreover, contributes to a normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen. The metabolism of glycogen regulates the glucose in the body. - Iron helps to reduce fatigue and assists in the normal functioning of energy metabolism. It plays a role in the transport of oxygen to the muscles. Combined with the copper, it is essential to fill in the deficiencies related to the sport. - Vitamin D is an important supplement to prevent deficiencies. Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also increases the resistance, even as selenium, zinc and vitamin E. Biocure® Long Action Sport product is not a stimulant or restorative, and is very well tolerated. It does not contain any component that is referred to in the list of products banned by the International Olympic Committee, and therefore, can be used without a problem by athletes. This formula is therefore particularly suitable for the optimal functioning of athletes.

Composition per tablet:

Vitamin B1 166 %* 1.8 mg

Vitamin B2 149 %* 2.1 mg

Vitamin B3 147 %* 23.5 mg

Vitamin B6 186 %* 2.6 mg

Vitamin B12 52 %* 1,3 ?g

Vitamin C 88 %* 70,4 mg

Vitamin D 50 %* 2.5 µg

Vitamin E 109 %* 13 mg

Iron 95 %* 13.3 mg

Copper 79 %* 0.8 mg

Selenium-83 %* 45,4 µg

Zinc 107 %* 10.7 mg

L-Carnitine tartrate, 65 mg

L-Leucine, 65 mg

L-Isoleucine 65 mg

L-Valine 65 mg

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