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Biolys Coffret Decouverte Caps 8

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Press the large cup. Renew the operation if necessary.

Insert the capsule.

Rinse the machine if necessary.

Biolys Capsules Slimming : drink 2 cups per day.

Biolys Capsules Winter : bry 2 cups per day.

Biolys Capsules Digestion :drink 1 cup after the meal.

Biolys Capsules Good night : drink 1 to 2 cups in the evening.

Biolys Diet Capsules

Hibiscus flower* 18%, Lemongrass oil* 18%, green Tea leaf* 17% Rosemary leaf* 15%, Fennel fruit* 14%, Licorice root* 14%, Aromas : red fruits and tangerine 5%

Biolys Capsules Winter

Sweet mint leaf* 25%, Cinnamon bark* 21%, Eucalyptus leaf* 17%, Licorice root* 15%, Ginger root* 10%, Flavour : lemon* 7%, Thyme leaf* 5%

Biolys Capsules Digestion

Peppermint leaf* 25%, Ginger root* 15%, Fennel fruit* 12%, Liquorice root* 12%, Rosemary leaf* 11%,lemon Verbena fragrant leaf* 10%, Flavour : lemon* 10%, Cardamom seed* 5%

Biolys Capsules Good night

Passionflower herb* 24%, Lemongrass oil* 21%, Licorice root* 14%, bitter Orange leaf* 12%, Lime blossom silver* 10%, Hawthorn leading flowers 9%, Aroma : orange* and flower of orange tree 10%

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