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Supradyn Energy Comp Efferv. 30



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Complex of 13 vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E and K) and 9 minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, molybdenum and copper). The formula also contains coenzyme Q10. Supradyn® Energy, in addition to the daily diet, supports the energy metabolism of the body during periods of fatigue in order to get in shape

From 12 years onwards. 1 effervescent tablet per day. It is recommended to take Supradyn® Energy for 30 to 60 days, several times a year to get the best results.

Dissolve an effervescent tablet in a glass of water (250ml) and drink immediately before or after meals and preferably in the morning at breakfast.

ingredients per tablet :


vitamin A : 800 mcg

vitamin B1 : 3.3 mg

vitamin B2 : 4.2 mg

vitmine B3 : 48 mg

vitamin B5 : 18 mg

vitamin B6 : 2 mg

vitamin B8 : 50 mcg

vitamin B11 : 200 mcg

vitamin B12 : 3 mcg

vitamin C : 180 mg

vitamin D : 5 mcg

vitamin E : 10 mg

vitamin K : 25 mcg


calcium : 120 mg

iron : 14 mg

iodine : 150 mcg

copper: 1 mg

magnesium : 80 mg

manganese : 2 mg

molybdenum -: 50 mcg

selenium : 50 mcg

zinc : 10 mg


co-enzyme Q 10 : 4.5 mg

Acidifier (E330), an acidity regulator (E500), bulking agent (E420), calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, bulking agent (E953), L-ascorbic acid, magnesium carbonate, colouring agent (E160a), aroma of orange juice, ferric pyrophosphate, coenzyme Q10, nicotinamide, anti-caking agent (E1202), antifoam (dub hydrolub® [- foaming agents (E473, E433, E00, E551)]), acetate of D-alpha-tocophéryle, retinol, zinc citrate, sodium chloride, aroma of passion fruit, sweetener (E951), D-calcium pantothenate, sweetener (E950), colour (E162), sodium selenite, riboflavin 5'-phosphate sodium, manganese sulfate, molybdate(VI) sodium, thiamin hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, potassium iodide, citrate, copper, hydrochloride pyrioxine, cholecalciferol, phytomenadione, acid ptéroylmonoglutamique, D-biotin.

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