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CUTISORB ULTRA 20X30CM 5 7264403

Bsn Medical

Dressing super absorbent.

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Dressing that can absorb, bind and retain significant amounts of exudate. The risk of leakage is minimal.

Wound dressing composed of 5 layers:

  • A contact layer, non-woven (non-woven) in order to prevent that the dressing does not adhere to the wound;
  • A layer of dispersion, which ensures that exudate absorbed comes in a regular and homogeneous in the core;
  • The kernel absorbent;
  • An adhesive layer in order to maintain the position of the nucleus absorbent;
  • A protective layer external to prevent leakage of exudate onto clothing and/or bedding.

The dressing Cutisorb Ultra can be applied on different types of wounds the following:

  • Wound strongly to extremely exuding;
  • Wounds superficial or deep;
  • Infected wounds, fibrineuses or granulantes.

Indications: (pressure) ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous leg ulcers, arterial ulcers, fistulas.

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