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Fitalite is a cream-gel hydrophilic natural texture lightweight that possesses a unique formulation. This basic formulation contains lipid bodies of plant origin known as phytosomes, which give Fitalite its antioxidant properties and moisturizing unique. Fitalite is compatible with a lot of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients = products pharmaceutical active), DCIs (Dermaceutical Ingredient = products dermaceutiques) and solvents. Fitalite should therefore be ideal for extemporaneous preparations on prescription and basic care of the skin, and responds perfectly to the needs of sensitive skin, sensitive, oily and mixed

1. Calculate and weigh each ingredient.

2. Reduce any(s) the(the) powders into a fine powder and uniform. Homogenize the powder with an appropriate solvent.For example: water, glycerol, or sunflower oil.

3. Add a sufficient quantity of Fitalite up to obtaining the final weight and mix well. Fill in an appropriate container such as airless dispensers; this allows an exact dosage

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