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Althera Pdr 450G

Althera Pdr 450G


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Dietetic food intended for special medical purposes for infants. Dietetic food in case of?allergy to cow's milk proteins.
Can be used as the sole source of nutrition from birth. Hypoallergenic formula strongly hydrolyzed. With DHA and ARA. Lactose purified for a better taste.
Important notice : breast milk is the ideal food for your baby. Before you decide to use this infant food, seek the advice of your pediatrician(doctor). Use only under medical supervision. A nutritionally complete feed for infants, adapted for a nutrition exclusive.
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
WARNING: unboiled water, bottle, non-sterile, dilution, preparation, handling or storage, improper can make your baby sick.
Wash hands before preparing the bottle
Thoroughly wash feeding bottle, nipple and ring.
Sterilize the bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes. Leave covered until ready to use.
Boil the water for 5 minutes and leave to cool.
Pour it in the bottle the amount of warm water indicated.
Add the exact number of mesurettes flush depending on the age of the baby or according to the prescription of the doctor or the dietician(not).
Shake the bottle until the dilution of the total powder.
Tightly close the container after each use and store in a cool place and sec.
Attention: Prepare a bottle fresh every time. Clean the area where you will prepare the bottle. Once ready, immediately give the bottle to your baby. Follow exactly the instructions of preparation. Out the remains of the bottle. Hold your child in your arms while you feed him. Let your child drink alone, may lead to her choking. Feed your child according to the recommendations of your doctor.
Maltodextrin, lactose, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower), whey protein hydrolyzed enzymatically (milk), minerals (potassium phosphate, magnesium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium chloride, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium phosphate, potassium citrate), emulsifier (E472c), vitamins (C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, A, thiamin, B6, folic acid, D, K, B12, biotin), taurine, Crypthecodinium cohnii olie (DHA), Mortierella alpina olie (ARA), inositol, bitartrate choline, L-histidine, L-carnitine. Gluten-free.

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