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Phytologist 15 Koffertje Haaruitval Prem. 12x3,5ml



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Phyto reinvents the care fall.
Simultaneous Actions on 15 biological targets involved in the collapse and the growth of the hair.
Formula 99% vegetable and natural.

After the shampoo, on dried hair, apply the entire vial with the aid of the mouthpiece applicator on the scalp, stripe by stripe. Lightly massage. DO NOT RINSE. Proceed with styling.
3 times per week.

To optimize the effectiveness of PHYTOLOGIST 15, it is recommended to follow the treatment for 3 months and follow a course of PHYTOPHANÈRE, dietary supplement, \"hair and nail\" to action fall protection.

Formula 99% vegetable and natural.

*Extract of Cocoa, in the strong anti-oxidant, anti-micro-irritation of the scalp and improves its environment for a better anchorage of the hair.

*Scullcap Baikal, repertoriée among the 50 plants fundamental of chinese medicine, boosts cellular metabolism to increase the volume of the bulb and thus permit the growth of a hair is thicker, stronger, more resistant.

*Outcome of the heights of the Himalayas, Gentian, Indian acting on pre-adipocytes to activate the growth and promote the genesis of new hair.

*Plant stem cells of Globularia, plant resistant to extreme conditions, protect the scalp from external aggressions (UV, pollution) in stimulating the cellular detoxification for hair more beautiful and stronger.

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