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Pet Phos Canine Vital Ca/p 1,3 comp 100



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Pet Phos Dog Vital Ca/P=1.3 is highly recommended as a complement to a food/meal classic for adult dogs with increased needs for calcium (puppies in period of growth and bitches in gestation period and lactation), in case of lack of vitality and/or convalescent/recovery.

Minerals, meat and animal by products, yeast, oils and fats.

Vitamin A 1000 U. I., vitamin D3 5 U. I., vitamin E, 1,25 U. I., vitamin B1 750 mg, vitamin B2 750 mcg, vitamin B6 100 mg vitamin B12 0.15 µg, vitamin C 10 mg, vitamin PP 7.5 mg, folic acid 40 mcg, biotin 50 mcg, calcium pantothenate (pantothenate calcium) 5 mg, copper 0.02 mg, iron 1 mg, zinc 0.1 mg, mn 0.1 mg, iodine 0.1 mg, cobalt 0.02 mg, magnesium 6 mg, arginine 2 mg, lysine 2 mg, choline 3 mg linoleic acid 2 mg, excipient q. s. ad 1 tablet.

Amounts to be administered:

Puppies: 2 tablets per day per 5 kg of body weight;

Bitches in gestation period: 1 tablet per day per 7 kg body weight (except during the last week);

Bitches in period of lactation: 2 tablets per day per 5 kg of body weight;

Adult dogs: 1 tablet per day per 10 kg of body weight for 7 to 14 days; in addition, it is recommended to repeat treatment on a monthly basis.

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