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Item Alphakeptol Shampooing Etats Pelliculaires Sévères Flacon 200 Ml

Item Alphakeptol Shampooing Etats Pelliculaires Sévères Flacon 200 Ml


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Hair care and body effects antifungal, reducing and soothing.

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Properties :

Hair care and body effects antifungal, reducer and soothing, it ensures a sustainable improvement of the states dandruff shampoos severe and relieves the itching from the first use.

Effectiveness :

The association synergy of 4 active antidandruff, (2 antifungal powerful, 1 reducer and 1 scrub) provides a regression remarkable statements dandruff shampoos relapsed (pityriasis stéatoide and seborrhoeic dermatitis) after 4 weeks of treatment, demonstrated during a clinical study under dermatological control. The pruritus decreased in all cases and the tolerance is considered very good.

Indications :

Treatment decisive statements dandruff shampoos important, even relapsed with scalps fatty or dried, whether or not accompanied by itching and pruritus

Contains :

– Salicylic acid : keratolytic agent, it decreases the formation of dandruff in size and number, by de-coupling the connections and the bridges intercornéocytaires.

– Pyrithione zinc : antifungal and emollient, it reduces dryness, removes dead cells and reduces the itching.

– Piroctone olamine : antifungal action and antibacterial demonstrated and antioxidant activity. Activity stimulated by the glycolic acid, which improves the penetration of the piroctone olamine.

– Glycolic acid : exfoliant mild chemical, regulates cell renewal. Moisturizer, softens, smooths and improves the state of the epidermal surface for best comfort to the skin. Potentiates the effect of piroctone olamine.

– Cleansing Base of neutral : of plant origin, cleanses the hair and skin without harming it and without rebound effect.

Ingredients :
Salicylic acid salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc, piroctone olamine, glycolic acid, cleansing base neutral


Usage tips :

2 to 3 shampoos per week depending on the severity of the condition being dandruff are recommended.

In constant use and continues is indispensable to guarantee good results on the condition dandruff.

Minimum duration of treatment : 5 weeks without a break, and then relay with a mild shampoo

Dosage : the equivalent of a tablespoon of shampoo per wash
Exposure time necessary to effect about : 3 minutes minimum

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