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Nexcare 3M Coldhot Comfort Indicat.Temp.N1571Tidab

Nexcare 3M Coldhot Comfort Indicat.Temp.N1571Tidab


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The cushion 3M Nexcare Coldhot Comfort can be used hot or cold and is a great soluton for people who want to heal themselves naturally, without medication. You can now choose the level of adequate temperature for the different parts of the body and the skin during a therapy hot. The indicator thermal shows a temperature scale at a use hot. The black bands disappear as the cushion heater. 3 levels: LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH (LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH) of indicaton of temperature are shown in red on the thermometer. The cover of protection of the gel pad is included. It allows for a application fast and comfortable the cushion to garantr more safety for your skin. The frost blue is non-toxic, and safe for the whole family. Any ingeston accidental pettes quanttés gel is neither hazardous nor toxic. It is also biodegradable to 99 %, which makes the product even more friendly to the environment.*

Cold therapy

The cold helps reduce swelling, inflammatons and the pain.General treatment :injuries acute (bruises, hematomas, sprains and strains, shock, light), chronic pain from traumatsmes musculo-squeletques, swelling, or fever

.Headaches and migraine . Fever . Sprains e.g. ankle

. Inflammatons . Swelling as a result of shocks or strains

Therapy the hot

The heat facilitates the réducton muscle spasms and pain, it relaxes and relaxes.General treatment :pain musculo-squeletques chronic (but without inflammaton acute), muscle tension, back pain, menstrual pain, arthritis/rheumatoid arthritis as well.

. Stiffness of the neck, of the shoulder . Muscle spasms, cramps

. Rheumatoid arthritis . To warm up


1.Store the gel pad in the fridge or the freezer, so that it is always ready to be used.2****. Always insert the cushion into the cover protection is provided.3.*** *Apply for a maximum period of 20 minutes. License 20 minutes before applying again the cushion cold


Microwave 1.Place the cushion flat in the microwave and heat for 15 sec.2.Retrer the cushion in the microwave with précauton. Knead for répartr the heat evenly!3. WATCHwhat level (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH) is shown in red color after you have kneaded the cushion.CHECKif you have obtained the desired temperature.4. If need to increase the temperature, re - step 1*****.5. USE*** *- Always insert the cushion into its cover of protection. Apply on the treated area for as long as it is pleasant to you. * The number of heating cycles (step 1-4) can vary in foncton of the power and the efficiency of your microwave oven

Warm up the cushion once it is at room temperature

**Hot water****The cushion with thermo-indicator must not be immersed in the hot water to be warmed

**Warnings and précautons employment :****. Never heat the cushion when it is folded, wrinkled, or frosted. This can cause a leak. . The cushion as well as the temperature indicator may be damaged if overheated or if boiled . Do not heat the product in an oven or in a grill. . Check that the cushion does not leak before utlisaton. . Never use a cushion damaged. Discard the pad if you notice a leak. . For external use only. . Use with précauton in order to avoid any risk of injury tssulaire (ex: frost bite) and of lesion of the nerves of the superficial. . Use the case provided or wrap the cushion in a clean cloth. . The heat may be sufficiently analgesic to cause burns local. . Always monitor the temperature of the cushion, even after you have verified the status of the indicator thermal. A cushion overheated and can cause burns. If it is too hot, atendre for it to cool. . A thermometer entèrement red indicates that the product is very hot : Atenton ! It may cause burns ! . Do not sit or lean on the cushion thermal, or apply an excessive pressure, as it may break and/or cause leakage of the gel. Therefore, do not use the pillow during sleep. . Do not use on a sensitive skin or skin with lesions. . Monitor the utlisaton of the product in children or in people with a disability, cognitf. . Pregnant women should seek the advice of a midwife or a gynecologist before utlisaton . People suffering from disorders of the nervous or circulatory, known or suspected should not use this product unless prescripton medical. . Stop the application in case of discomfort. . Consult your doctor if in doubt

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