Dermatix® Fabric Sheet 4 x 13 cm


Dermatix® reduces the visibility of scars existing, and prevents the development of new scars.

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Dermatix® is a medical device based silicones that are topically applied to the skin to combat scars.
The sheets of silicone Dermatix® benefit from a technology that is characterized by a mix of silicones and teflon. The activity of Dermatix® gel or sheets is based on a restoration of the water balance, a restructuring of the collagen fibers and reduced collagen formation
Dermatix® be used both in adults than in children for the prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids (= overgrowth of scar tissue, swelling, scar) not yet reached fully mature. The risk of this type of scars is especially important following a surgical procedure, after an accident or a physical trauma or burns. Dermatix® reduces the visibility of scars and prevents the development of new scars.

The sheets Dermatix® apply directly at the place of the scar, sticky side down. The adhesive dressings can be cut to measure. The adhesive bandage must overflow slightly the area of the scar.
It should be left in place for at least twelve hours and for a maximum of twenty-three hours. Clean the scar area and both sides of the product at least once per day with water and a mild soap. Do not use a moisturizing soap, lotion or oil, but use preferably a simple bar of soap. Rinse the product carefully in order to completely eliminate the soap residue. Then let the product to dry to the air or the dab to a cloth, lint-free cloth before the patient is reapplied on the scar.

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