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Bausch Lomb Easysept 360Ml

Bausch Lomb Easysept 360Ml


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The Oxidant system in a single step.

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EasySEPT® contains a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and a lens case with catalytic disc included.

Used in combination with the catalytic disc, the solution containing 3% of hydrogen peroxide decontaminates the soft contact lenses, eliminating the micro-organisms. The neutralization is complete after 6 hours and the solution is then transformed in a saline solution without preservatives.

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the lens case EasySEPT®.
  3. Put the left lens in the basket marked with a 'c'?ur.
  4. Put the right lens in the other basket and close.
  5. Fill the case with solution EasySEPT® up to the mark cue. Attention: EasySEPT® should be poured into the pouch just before you screw on the cap to prevent the neutralization begins before the contact lenses soak in the solution.
  6. Replace the cap of the lens case without forcing it and shake gently a few seconds.
  7. Soak lenses at least 6 hours or overnight.
  8. After at least 6 hours, shake the lens case, remove the lenses and place on your eyes. If your specialist told you, you can rinse your lenses with sterile saline solution (Saline Solution Sensitive Eyes Bausch & Lomb) before you put them on your eyes.
  9. Discard the solution remaining in the case. Rinse your case thoroughly with EasySEPT® and let dry in the open air.

If your specialist has told you to, you can clean your lenses with a specific product cleaning before you put them in the bag for decontamination. Then thoroughly rinse your lenses with a saline solution (Saline Solution Sensitive Eyes Bausch & Lomb) in order to eliminate any residue of the cleaning product. Wash your hands and then follow the instructions (step 3 to 9).

In case of insufficient rinsing of the cleaning solution, the solution EasySEPT® may overflow from the case. In this case, again flush the lenses and the case and follow the instructions (step 5 to 9 ).

Use only the lens case provided with EasySEPT®, with the catalytic disc included. Use EasySEPT® without the catalytic disc may cause burning or stinging of the eye.

Sterile Solution and buffered with 3% hydrogen peroxide associated with a case and catalytic disc.

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