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comfortable. silent. efficient.

Express your milk discreetly : the electric breastpump Swing combines the latest technology with a design that has won multiple awards. This electric breastpump is very quiet and is therefore the ideal solution for an expression of the common and discrete milk.

Effective : express more milk in less time thanks to our technology 2-phase expression.
Comfortable : several vacuum levels and settings.
Easy to use : easy to assemble, use and clean.
Practice : design, compact and quiet, ideal for an expression in any discretion.
Perfect harmony between design and nature

The Swing electric breastpump which has been awarded multiple awards, and is intended for mothers using a breast pump daily. Whether you're working part-time, you're in the mood for a night out, to do sports or simply shopping, the electric breastpump Swing is the ideal solution for mothers that want to express milk quickly.

mother pumping breastmilk with Medela Swing breastpump
Medela is the first company in the world that offers in-depth research on the head of the baby

The 2-Phase Expression technology based on the head's natural baby to the breast: fast movements and light are followed by a slower and deeper suck to get a flow of milk optimal. The milk ejection reflex more rapid and the maximum milk flow significantly reduces the time of pumping. Express more breast milk in minimum time for your convenience.

Swing : the electric breastpump single of the most popular in the world

The Swing is an electric breast pump extremely quiet. It can be used easily and without the slightest effort. The pump switches automatically from the stimulation phase to the expression phase.

Mothers are the fruit of our research

Thanks to our technology 2-phase expression, the breastpump Swing mimics the natural rhythm of the sucking infant. This electric breastpump is very comfortable to use ; you will find almost the sensation of breast-feeding. Ejection, faster milk and a milk flow maximum will greatly reduce the duration of expression : you express more milk in less time.

It is very easy to move from one phase to the other or to choose the level of vacuum that is best for you. The electric breastpump can be used with an ac adapter. Battery operation and belt clip to guarantee you optimal mobility.

The Swing is comfortable to use, easy to carry and simple to assemble. Thus started the Swing you are quickly available for use.

Technology 2-phase expression
Technology 2-phase expression
Intuition of babies transformed into technological know-how. more
Choose the right téterelle

Each woman is unique ; the same téterelle is not suitable for everyone. The good téterelle is very important to be able to extract the milk efficiently and without pain. This is why Medela offers 5 different sizes of the téterelle PersonalFit.

A thorough cleaning process for the well-being of your baby

All products in contact with breastmilk are BPA-free and are easy to clean, whether you choose to sterilize it with boiling water, to disinfect or clean them using our bags for the microwave, Quick Clean.

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