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Riopan Gel 20 Sachets 10ml



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Riopan is an antacid. Antacids are medications that decrease the acidity in the stomach by neutralizing the gastric acid.

The indication should be limited to the short-term symptomatic management of heartburn (or heartburn) and gastric pain.

You should talk to your doctor if you do not feel any improvement or if you feel less well after 14 days.

- The active substance is magaldrate. Riopan 800 mg/10 ml oral suspension contains 800 mg of magaldrate per 10 ml. Riopan Strong 1600 mg/10 ml oral suspension contains 1600 mg of magaldrate per 10 ml. Riopan 800 mg chewable tablets contains 800 mg of magaldrate by
chewable tablet.

- The other components of Riopan are :

Oral Suspension : gum Arabic, hypromellose, maltol, caramel aroma, flavor, cream, emulsion, simethicone, sodium cyclamate, sulphate of silver, chlorhexidine gluconate (20%) and purified water.

Chewable tablets : sorbitol, macrogol, maltol, caramel aroma, aroma cream, béhénate of calcium.

The recommended dose is :

Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, the dosage used in adults and children from 12 years is the following :

- In case of complaints of gastric small: take every day :

• 1 sachet of Riopan 800 mg/10ml;

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