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Canestene Gyn Clotrimaz. 500mg Comprimé Vaginal 1 + 1 Applicateur



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Canestene Gyn Clotrimazole tablets is used in the treatment :

• Of the inflammation of the vaginal mucosa (vaginitis) caused by fungi (mainly Candida),

• Of Trichomonas (sexual disease)

• Of infections caused by bacteria susceptible to clotrimazole.

Canestene Gyn Clotrimazole 500 mg vaginal tablets

• The active substance is clotrimazole, 500 mg / tablet of 1.5 g.

• The other ingredients are lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, lactic acid, corn starch, crospovidone, calcium lactate, magnesium stearate, magnesium oxide, colloidal silicon dioxide, hypromellose, in a quantity sufficient for 1 tablet in the vagina.

A certain moisture, vaginal is required for completely dissolving vaginal tablets of Canestene; if the vaginal environment is not moist enough, it is possible that pieces of non-dissolved of the tablet come out of the vagina. In order to avoid this inconvenience, it is important to introduce the drug as deeply as possible into the vagina, before bedtime. It is better to introduce the tablets in the evening, before bedtime.

The introduction of the tablet takes place more easily by lying on your back, legs slightly raised and apart (with or without the aid of the applicator.

• The doctor can insert the tablet after the test.

• If the tablet does not dissolve completely during the night, the use of vaginal cream
may be considered.

• The applicator of the tablet can be used several times, but it must be well rinsed and dried
after each use.

1 application for 1 day is usually sufficient.

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