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Arkogelules Konjac 150



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The glucomannanes of the root of the konjac can absorb up to 100 times their volume in water (very strong capacity of water absorption). So, they are a big gelatinous mass in the stomach (huge increase in the volume of the contents of estomacal). This gel is not digestible and does, accordingly, no additional calories to the body. Konjac Arkogélules calm the hunger very effectively thanks to its highly specific manner to act on the contents of the stomach. The konjac occupies a portion of the stomach (before you have already started to eat) and so you'll automatically have the impression that the stomach is already half filled (cut-hunger effect). You will, therefore, not need to eat as much and will automatically lower the calorie intake, resulting in an effect weight loss.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of glucomannan root.

1 to 2 capsules in the morning, noon, and night. Take two large glasses of water half an hour before meals.

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