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Ultra Vegan D3 - 8Ml

Ultra Vegan D3 - 8Ml


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Rich in vitamin D3 outcome of the lichen-boreal.

1 single drop per day cover 100 % of the Values Nutritioneles Reference
vitamin D3, contributing to the maintenance of the functions imunitaire and bone normal.

Suitable for both children and seniors, for vegetarians and vegans.

Without aditifs synthesis, or lanolin from sheep.

Virgin avocado oil (Persea americana) (98 %), vitamin D3 is extracted from lichen, boreal, antioxidant : vitamin E of plant origin.

Formulated with virgin avocado oil, support of vitamin D3 is extracted from lichen, boreal, Ultra Vegan D3 is recommended for all persons with disabilities in vitamin D. Its presentation in a bottle drop is particularly suitable for children and people who want to find an alternative different from that of the capsule.

Botanical name : Persea americana.
Part of the plant : Pulp of which the oil content is remarkably high (5% to 30%).
The avocado is the fruit of the avocado tree, a tree of the family Lauraceae, native to Mexico. The oil, cold-extracted, is gustativement tasty, very fruity with a color yellow green khaki sign of a high quality.

• Mono-unsaturated fatty acids (65 %) : omega-9 and omega-7.
• Unsaponifiables : vitamin E, carotenoids, phyto-sterols : sitosterol and campesterol.
Its exceptional content of unsaponifiable compounds : 5 % (1 % for the other oils) gives this oil its nutritional interest. Avocado oil is resistant to oxidation when it is
extracted from fruits of good quality centrifuge cold as it is here the case.
The preparation under mild conditions leads to optimal levels of vitamin E, and the oil keeps for a long time. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant of vegetable oils. The carotenoids of the avocado oil are made up of 70% of lutein. These noble nutrients are
an ideal complement to the vitamin D3 for optimal storage and proper use by the body.
The phyto-sterols present in avocado oil are comprised almost 90 % of sitosterol and 10% campesterol. A study has shown the interest in the contribution of concomitant vitamin D3 and sitosterol specifying that "the sitosterol enhances the action of vitamin D3 on the immune function of
macrophages which could be beneficial in cases of vitamin D deficiency in individuals."(1)
(1) Alappat L1, Valerio M, Awad AB., Effect of vitamin D and D-sitosterol on immune function of macrophages., Int Immunopharmacol. 2010.

This lichen foliaceus belongs to the family Pannariaceae. Lichens are small plant species selected, which grows in the wild in Canada, Scandinavia, and Ireland. Although not threatened, this lichen is harvested seasonally to meet its growth. By origin north where light is scarce during part of the year and its unique features, such as survive in extreme climates, this lichen has developed the ability to produce the nutrients
he needs to develop, including high levels of vitamin D3. This lichen is one of the few non-animal sources that allows a contribution to be very high in vitamin D3 from natural origin, compatible with a vegetarian diet or vegan, and is an alternative to the Vitamin D3 synthetic or derived from wool of sheep processed..

1 drop per day provides 100 % of the Nutrient Reference Values vitamin D3.
Take a drop directly on the tongue or on a spoon. It is also possible to incorporate it directly in a dish of your choice.

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