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Bio Fiber 80 120 Comprimes

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Bio-Fiber 80 contains a perfect combination of four types of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, which correspond to 80 % of the tablet. Each tablet of food product Bio-Fiber 80 is an addition of 520 mg of natural fibers.
In general, soluble fibers are found in vegetables and fruits, while insoluble fibre is found in cereal products complete.
The amount of fibre in our diet is often insufficient. What's more, in addition to this deficiency, a quantitative one, we are many times confronted with a lack in the quality of dietary fibre available in our diet. And it goes without saying that the quality is of the utmost importance.
Anyway, there should be a balance between four types of fibers different, namely cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and pectin. It is, in the present case, four fibers Bio-Fiber 80 will bring you.

Bio-Fiber 80 contains per tablet:
Plant fiber 640 mg, intake in the form of dry material: fiber 80 % 520 mg (cellulose 120 mg, hemicellulose, 250 mg, pectin 130 mg and lignin (20 mg).
The quantities above correspond to averages. Consequently, it may be that there are small differences due to variations in the natural raw materials.

2 to 12 tablets per day (gradually increase the dose), and this in function of the intake of fiber you want in the daily diet, and tolerance of intestinal individual of the person in question. Tablets to be taken with a glass of water. Contains no sugar, yeast, or gluten. Also suitable for vegetarians.

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