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The bottom has varicose veins
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The BOTTOM HAS VARICOSE veins are real stockings and differentiate it clearly from the BOTTOM OF SUPPORT.

Bota Tovarix available in:

three classes of compression

  • Class 1 = 18-22 mm Hg
  • Class 2 = 25-32 mm Hg and
  • Class 3 = 36-48 mm Hg

three versions with different composition :

  • fiber conventional cotton (Tovarix 30)
  • micro fiber Tactel® (Tovarix 20)
  • with fiber silver X-static® (Tovarix 50)
  • with SeaCell® active - fiber well-being (Tovarix 70)

· 8 kinds / types of bottom (the bottom runs up to the panty of pregnancy).

  • 20/I - 20/II: 71% tactel/polyamide - 29% lycra/elastan/Elastan
  • 30/II - 30/III: 60% nylon/polyamide - 25% lycra/elastan - 15% katoen/cotton
  • 50/I - 50/II - 50/III: 40% Tactelpolyamide/nylon - 30% lycra/elastan/Elastan - 20% katoen/ cotton/Baumwolle - 10% X-static (zilver/silver/Silber)
  • 70/II - 70/III:62% Tactelpolyamide/nylon - 26% lycra/elastan/Elastan - 8% katoen/ cotton/Baumwolle - 4% SeacellActive
  • Class 1 (18-22 mm Hg): Edema light. Heavy legs / tired. Pregnancy. Moderate to varicose veins.
  • Class 2 (25-32 mm Hg): Edema pronounced. State varicose generalized. Varicose veins accompanying the pregnancy. After sclerotherapy, and surgery. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Class 3 (36-48 mm Hg): Strong edema. Varicose veins induration. After sclerotherapy, and surgery. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Graduated Compression: Bota Tovarix is a stockings for varicose veins, made with a graduated compression and are manufactured according to the most modern techniques.
  • Better elasticity: Bota Tovarix is more easy to slip on thanks to a better elasticity.
  • Excellent form of adaptation: Bota Tovarix offer of material particularly well tolerated and is an excellent form of adaptation.

The advantage of a fiber-classic:

A fiber of polyamide as a material for the exterior and another fiber cotton for skin contact are important elements for optimum comfort. In addition to these general characteristics the Tovarix 30 has as its specific features:

Fiber strong and classic (cotton):

  • The bottom is durable with a robust construction and a quality balanced production.
  • The bottom is made with, among others, made of 100% cotton in direct contact with the skin), resulting in an ideal level of comfort.
  • The low compression of classic style that has proven successful.

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