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Bota Embolix Agh Blanc N3



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The bottom medical restraint (Trombo Embolism Deterrent) or antithrombose Bota Embolix of?grow pressure?gressive (18/24 mm Hg has? the ankle and 7/10 mm Hg has? the thigh).


The bottom Bota Embolix are available in white. The range includes three mode?the:

  • AD = low short
  • AGH = Stay up with a silicone edge
  • AGT = down left or right with belt on the hips


  • N2 = Small (18 - 23 cm)
  • N3 = Medium (23 - 28 cm)
  • N4 = Large (28 - 33 cm)

These proprie?te?s special - ties?res, the bottom is only recommended for?s, such as compression stockings to patients with bed rest?s (day and night) or rest?s for a pe?period pre?- or postope?ratoire.


  • Pull the stocking on one leg pre?fe?the reference to non-gelatinized?e.
  • Attention to rings, nails of the hands or toes and callosite?s (use e?possibly gloves).
  • Wrap the bottom on him-me?me and drag and drop the foot.
  • Of?roll the bottom gradually on the instep and the heel.
  • Proceed correctly to the heel and let the toes move freely.
  • Of?roll carefully down the little a? small up, up? it envelope re?gulie?surely the leg.
  • Never pull the edges supe?laughing.
  • Fold the e?any band of silicone before putting on the bottom (never during the port from the bottom).
  • Shape the bottom on the leg, and smooth out the folds e?increased with the palm of the hand.
  • Do not fold ever part supe?earlier the bottom.


  • Read the washing instructions.
  • The wash has? the hand is recommending? for a better durability?.
  • Machine washable (gentle cycle a? 30 °C) with a mild detergent and a liquid (Bota Renovelastic), without fabric softener.
  • Do not wash chemically, do not iron, rinse thoroughly.
  • Do not wring, envelop e?possibly in a towel.
  • Let?expensive? tempe?temperature: room temperature, keep e?loigne? a source of heat and the sun.
  • Keep in a dry place, a? away from the games?re.
  • Not for use with the cre?to me, oil or ointment.
  • We?clinons any liability? in the case of incorrect use or modifications to initiative to the usage guidelines.

They ame?liorent blood flow of deep veins and superficial. The effects do?negative the venous stasis are re?products to a minimum.

The bottom is open? the front of the foot to allow the me?doctor or a? the nurse contro?first day of the bloodstream.

The bottom Bota Embolix are latex-free. The use of a mate?riau hypoallerge?lunch offers a comfort tips?surely agre?reliable.

The bottom Bota tubular (seamless) are tre?s easy a? thread.

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