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ASPIVENIN® is a gesture of 1st aid, but is not a substitute for mandatory consultation and immediate medical service which is essential in the most serious cases (bites, stings of scorpions) or in the event of a significant reaction of the victim.

In 4 steps

step 1/4
1 - Place without forcing the mouthpiece best suited to the type and the location of the sting or bite and then cock the pump by pulling the plunger to the bottom (to half for a child).
step 2/4
2 - Place ASPIVENIN® with its tip on the wound, holding it with one hand.
step 3/4
3 - Press the piston all the way and at the end of the course you will feel a powerful suction.
You then let ASPIVENIN® act for 20 seconds to 3 minutes (adjust the time of aspiration according to the stings or bites, please refer to the instructions for use).
This period may be extended or renewed, without disadvantage, especially in severe cases.
step 4/4
4 - then Lift the knob of the plunger of the tip of the thumb to remove ASPIVENIN®.
We recommend that you operate your aspivenin before use by checking the manual. We also advise you to keep handy if you find yourself in a risk environment.

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