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Aplazyl Chien-Chat 120 Comprimes



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Dietary supplement for older dogs, young puppies (full) period of growth, dog sport and bitches in gestation period and lactation.
Product is also indicated during the period of convalescence or recovery after a surgical intervention and in the case of a fracture.

Boswellia serrata (frankincense (india), frankincense (indian)), Perna canaliculus (green lipped mussel of New Zealand), Urtica urens (small nettle, stinging nettle), Harpagophytum procumbens (devil's claw), Chlorella pyrenoïdosa (chlorella), glucosamine sulfate, gluconate Mn, fish oil, chondroitin sulfate.

Amounts to be administered:

Puppies (full) period of growth: ½ tablet per day from the 6th week up to the age of 6 months;

During the period of convalescence or recovery, and for dogs sports: 1 tablet per day for 10 kg of food for 1 or 2 months;

Older dogs: 1 tablet (< 20 kg), 2 tablets (> 20 kg) per day for 3 months. Provide 2 courses per year;

Bitches in gestation and lactation: 1 tablet (< 20 kg), 2 tablets (> 20 kg) per day as of the last month before the birth of the puppies up to 2 months after their birth.

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