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VT Phak Sirop 50ml



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VT Phak is a complement to food - based nutrients and amino acids - formulated to the lens of older dogs. This product is advocate for dogs in cases of aging, weight loss or recovery. Also suitable in case of fatigue after an intense physical effort and extended (hunting dogs and sport). Finally, VT PHAK restores the intestinal flora of older dogs.

Of crude protein by 6.6 %, crude cellulose at least 0.05 %, fat 0.1 %, ash 1 %, liquid and 36.4 %, glycine 2.5 g, monoglutamate sodium 2,54 g, inositol, 1.5 g, excipients: glycerol, sodium cyclamate, FOS qsp 50 ml.

Oral Solution very pleasant to take (delicious taste).

Amounts to be administered:

Dogs less than 10 kg: 1 ml (20 drops) per day;

Dogs over 10 kg: 1.5 ml (30 drops) per day.

It is advisable to administer the solution VT PHAK on a daily basis or at least for 3 weeks per month.

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