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Adaptil Collier -62,5cm Chien Moyen-grand



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Bitches in lactation produce pheromones calming to help their puppies feel safe and secure. Studies have demonstrated that a synthetic copy of the pheromone canine D. A. P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone/Pheromone calming dog) exerts a soothing action in dogs of any age.

Similar to the pheromone calming dog lactation: 5 %.
Excipients q. s. p. 1 necklace 100 %.

Put your finger in the plastic ring to the inside of the collar near the loop.
Pull the plastic ring to unroll the thin plastic protective film on the collar and place the collar of the dog. Throw away the thin plastic protective film as it should be (trash).
Close the collar (place the from in the loop to close the necklace).
Place the collar over the dog's head and attach it, without tightening.
Tighten the collar so that it properly fits your dog's skin.
The space between the collar and the neck of the dog may not be in excess of two fingers.
Ensure that the collar is fastened at the loop.
Cut off the excess that protrudes from the loop.

The duration of action of the collar Adaptil is 4 weeks. Leave the collar permanently around the neck of the dog, except when you wash it.

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