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Lamelles A Macher Enzymatiques -25kg 226g



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The slats chews stimulate a mechanical action, shing and enzymatic. The C. E. T. Dual Enzyme System (enzyme system dual C. E. T.) patented inhibits bacterial growth (antibacterial action) and reduces the formation of plaque and tartar dental, at the same time avoid the formation of bad breath. These delicious strips of chewing gum enzyme are available in two flavors (chicken and beef) and contribute to the mechanical cleaning of the teeth through the action of chewing.

C. E. T. Dual Enzyme System (enzyme system dual C. E. T.) patented: glucose-oxidase, lactoperoxydase, thiocyanate (potassium thiocyanate, potassium), skin beef, dextrose, vegetable protein, flavorings, beef and poultry, milk protein, yeast of beer.

These strips chews for dogs are part of the program of care for oral daily of the dog, including brushing teeth is an important element. This is the reason why you must give at least 1 times per day a lamella to chew to your dog when you do not brush the teeth.

It may be that your dog is prone to indigestion if he does not chew enough slats to chew on (and this kind of products in general). This can lead to vomiting or constipation. Consequently, we recommend that you keep an eye on the chewing behavior of your dog and not give him a lamella to chew, too small for him.

Tip: if you're dealing with a dog that swallows everything without chewing (the glutton), it is advisable to give the lamella to chew just after he has finished his meal.

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