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Bitches in lactation produce pheromones calming to help their puppies feel safe and secure. Studies have demonstrated that a synthetic copy of the pheromone canine D. A. P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone/Pheromone calming dog) exerts a soothing action in dogs of any age.

In case of difficult situations (fireworks, loud noises, dog left alone at home...);

In order to better adapt to new surroundings (adoption, moving, new person in the family or new pet, etc.);

As a help to better manage problems of clinical behavior (separation anxiety, phobia for the noise...).

Attention: it is not advisable to use Adaptil in cases of hyperactivity or aggression.

Similar to the pheromone calming dog lactating: 2 %.

Excipients q. s. p. 100 g.

Unscrew the cap from the bottle.

Screw the diffuser on the bottle.

Plug the diffuser into a power outlet and leave it in the outlet for 1 month without interruption.

Action area: 50 to 70 m2.

Each bottle of 48 ml has a duration of action of approximately 30 days.

Replace the diffuser electric every 6 months or after you have used 6 refills.

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