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Essential Mousse Chat - Chien Spray 150ml



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Care cleaning without rinsing.

Essential Mousse purifies and cleans dirt without rinsing, reduces irritation, deodorizes by neutralizing unpleasant body odours, restores the integrity of the film skin's hydrolipidic reinforcing the barrier function and the defense mechanism of the epidermis, and hydrates and revitalizes finally the skin cells.

100% natural ingredients, including the cucurbitine® (an active patented unique features soothing) and essential oils of niaouli, polyunsaturated fatty acids, extracts, disinfectants, and deodorants with natural lichen and a selection of mild surfactants and cleansing agents, natural based extract of the roots of soap root (Saponaria).

Shake well the spray before each use. Fill the hollow of the hand with foam and apply it directly on the animal and by hand or using a brush. Attention: take care to avoid any contact with the eyes and the nose of the animal. Spread the foam and make the massage movements smooth so that it penetrates the hair coat and hairs. Then, wrap the animal in a towel that is dry and warm and rub it slightly to absorb the excess product and the dirt. Finally, leave to dry.

This care cleaner and repairer without rinsing is suitable to use on a regular basis.

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