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Canikur Pro 15ml 12

Canikur Pro


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Dietary supplement for animals to advocate to support the natural intestinal flora in dogs. Contains a strain of probiotic bacteria that is present in nature in the healthy intestinal tract. Also contains Bio-Mos®-C (prebiotic), which supports the growth of helpful bacteria in the intestinal tract, as well as the montmorillonite, a binding agent of natural. Bio-Mos® is a trademark of Alltech, Inc.

Soybean oil, yeast inactivated, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, glucose, sodium chloride, Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 10415) E 1707 : 5 x 1011 CFU per kg, montmorillonite E 558 : 22 %, aroma of meat artificial identical to the aroma of meat natural.
CFU = colony forming units = Colony Forming Units.

Oral Administration.
Dosage for puppies and dogs:
? 10 kg: 2 ml 2 times per day;
11-25 kg: 4 ml 2 times per day;
26-40 kg: 9 ml 2 times per day;
> 40 kg: 8 ml 2 times per day.

Turn the ring on the syringe-dosing device until you have the desired dosage and administer the dough in the bowl or directly in the dog's mouth.

We strongly recommend that you reattach the plug to the tip of the syringe-dosing device after having used the product in order to avoid the formation of lumps (the end could very well clog).

You can use Canikur Pro as long as this is necessary or based on the guidance and advice of your veterinarian in order to enhance and maintain the natural balance of the intestinal flora in times of stress, in the case of antibiotic treatment or during any other periods during which the intestinal flora may be adversely affected.

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