Compeed Patch Invisible Bouton De Fièvre 15 Pièces


The Patch Invisible cold sore COMPEED covers immediately and promotes healing of the wound.

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The patch cold sore Compeed scar wounds as quickly as a cream containing acyclovir. In addition, the patch remains in place for up to 12 hours, it works as a shield to reduce the risk of new contamination via the wound and promotes healing.


Use at the first push of a button of fever.

  • holds up to 12 hours, while the cream containing 5% Aciclovir will usually need to be reapplied every 4 hours.
  • is a treatment discreet.
  • is a hygienic treatment. The buttons are covered and the risk of new infection is reduced (particularly important in the case of contact with babies and small children, but also for the medical professions).
  • is individually wrapped. Unlike the creams, the packaging of the Patch cold sore COMPEED must not be disposed of after opening.
  • is impermeable to dirt, bacteria and water.
  • significantly reduces the formation of crusts.

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