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A unique formula with biotin which contributes to the maintenance of hair voluminous, shiny and strong.

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PRIORIN supplies the hair nutrients including the extract of millet, L-cystine (an amino acid) and calcium pantothenate, a combination clinically proven that stimulates and enhances the growth of hair. PRIORIN also contains biotin, a nutrient that helps to maintain healthy hair

Extract of millet
The capsules PRIORIN contains the extract of millet, a source of phytosterol called miliacine, which increases the proliferation and the metabolic activity of keratinocytes (the main cells constituting the hair) in a human*.
Calcium pantothenate
Essential vitamin, pantothenate of calcium stimulates the metabolic activity of the keratinocytes (the main cells constituting the hair) in humans and therefore plays an important role in the nutritional support necessary to grow capillary normal and the quality of the hair*.
L-cystine is an amino acid used in the composition of keratin, the main substance of the capillary tube, which makes it an important component of hair*.
Biotin is a vitamin essential for the synthesis of keratin, the main constituent of hair*

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