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Phytolium 4 Antichute Amp 12x3,5ml



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High-tech plant
1 complex unique Shiitake + stem cells
plant protector of follicular cells
Real charging of the Hair Capital
98 % of natural extracts

Double efficiency fall and density

After the shampoo on wet hair, apply using the nozzle applicator on the scalp, stripe by stripe
Make a light massage of distribution
Style as usual

Only 2 applications per week.
12 Vials x 3.5 ml= 1.5 months

Use PHYTOLIUM 4 in cure from 3 months and PHYTOSTIM prevention, within the framework of a hair novice, or maintenance between 2 courses.
Strengthen the action of the cure with the shampoo treating fortifying PHYTOLIUM

High-tech plant

Shiitake stimulates the production of sirtuins, proteins of longevity promoting cell survival.
The extract to be biocompatible to stem cells of wild apple preserves the stem cells in the follicle in order to delay the senescence of hair.
The extract of sérénoa inhibits the 5 alpha reductase causing the hair to fall out. The essential oils, assainissantes and stimulating, regenerate the environment of the hair bulb. The glycoproteins of solanum stimulate keratinocytes to promote growth and invigorate the hair.
The procyanidols grape and essential oil of cananga improve the trade intercellular to restore density and strength to the hair.

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