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Aosept Plus Tout Lentilles 5x360ml



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System replacement monophasic for the cleaning, disinfection, neutralization and conservation of all types of contact lenses.

H2O2 3 %, NaCl (sodium chloride) 0.85 per cent.
Phosphate buffer, POLOXAMER SURFACTANT stabilized with phosphoric acid.
No conservative.

Place the lenses in the lens AOSEPT MORE.
Fill the container AOSEPT PLUS solution AOSEPT PLUS to the line-marker.
Place the door-lenses in the container. Screw the cap to the bottom.
Leave the container AOSEPT PLUS right.
Leave the lenses in the solution AOSEPT PLUS for at least 6 hours. At the end of this period (or after the night), the lenses are ready and can be worn.
The lenses can then be directly applied on the eye.
Product with expiration date.
Do not apply the solution AOSEPT PLUS directly on the eye.
Each box contains a door-lenses AOSEPT PLUS with AODISC.
AODISC: synthetic Disk with a coating of platinum.
As a catalyst to neutralize the solution AOSEPT PLUS.

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