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Silicon dioxide (silica) in the form of a solution.
Clinical effect on the hair: the hair thickness has increased from 12.8% in the group of ch-OSA (ortho silicone group), and the strength of the hair increased by 13.1% compared to the placebo group.
Clinical effect on the skeleton: the two groups that took 1000 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D3. Only one of the groups also took ch-OSA. The density of bone mass in the femur at the height of the hip increased by 2 % after 12 months (-1,22 % for the placebo group at + 0,78% for the group ch-OSA).
An added value in the assortment.
Another name for this water soluble form of silica is the acid orthosilicique. Silicon is essential for growth, development and regeneration of hair, nails, skin, cartilage, bones, connective tissues, and mucous membranes. The acid orthosilicique has an essential function in the framework of the metabolism of the silicon seen that it can be absorbed directly through the gastrointestinal wall. This water soluble form of silica (the acid orthosilicique) is not, however, very stable, and there is, therefore, only in small quantities in nature (precisely because of this limited stability).
The unique formula of BioSil implies a stabilization of the acid orthosilicique in the middle of choline, which has allowed us to develop an acid orthosilicique liquid at high concentration. It follows that it can be very helpful to use BioSil supplement a normal diet.

10 drops (or 1 capsule) contain (contains) 10 mg of silicon and 200 mg of choline.

2 x 5 drops or 1 capsule per day, possibly spread over 2 taken. Mix the drops needed in a ¼ glass of water or orange juice and immediately drink the preparation. To be taken preferably half an hour before meals or 2 hours after meals.

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