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Ocal Euphrasia Plus Gouttes Oculaires 15ml



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Eye drops natural, refreshing and soothing for irritated eyes.
Calm irritated and tired eyes. The properties are refreshing, soothing and calming of the Euphrasia (eyebright), witch hazel, chamomile and cornflower soothe the eyes, red swollen (redness of the eye) that are the result of surrounding circumstances such as wind, sun, dry air, salt water, the smoke, the intense brightness, the sport and the visual fatigue due to long periods spent in front of a computer screen (period of intensive use of a computer).
Ocal Euphrasia Plus does not contain preservatives and can be used with contact lenses.
Each dose remains usable for 12 hours after opening.

Water of eyebright (synonyms: case-bezel, budding ophthalmia, the grass, short-sighted, luminet) 10 %, witch hazel water 10 %, camomile water 10 %, water, blueberry 10 %, sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium phosphate monobasic, sodium chloride, edetate sodium, water for injection.

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