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Herbatint Flash Fashion Ff1 Rouge Henne 140ml



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Use only on dry hair. Using only a plastic container or glass, combine equal amounts of Herbatint with the developer of glycol (included in the package). Make sure that the mixture has been thoroughly blended before application. Put on the gloves (included in the package). For untreated hair, apply the mixture of color on dry hair, ensuring that the shaft of the hair from root to end is fully covered. Wait 40 minutes. To hair previously dyed or permed hair, first apply some of the mixture on dry roots, wait 30 minutes then apply the remaining color on the rest of the hair. Wait 10 more minutes. Carefully rinse the mixture Herbatint with water until the rinse water runs clear, then wash hair with a shampoo with natural pH, such as the shampoo normalizing Herbavita. Then, apply a conditioner natural pH such as Royal Cream. Wait 5 minutes and rinse again.

Herbatint , Laureth-5 , Propylene glycol , Aqua , PEG-2 olein , Ethanolamine , p-phenylenediamine , extract of aloe barbadensis , hammelis virginiana extract , leaf extract of betula alba , Echinacea angustifolia extract , PEG-75 oil from the seeds of meadowfoarm , 2-méthylrésorcinol , p-aminophenol , EDTA tetrasodium , cétrorium choloride , the sodium metabisulphite , Developer of glycol , Aqua , Hydrogen peroxide , Acid étidronique , Chloride cétrimonium

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