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Pedisilk Paquet Decouverte Manu/pedi Gratuit



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Discovery Pack PediSilk? - Rasp callus electric and accessories manicure & pedicure free

This device is not designed to be used by children under 8 years of age, by persons physical, sensory or mental reduced or who do not have the experience and knowledge, unless they are supervised or have received instructions regarding the hazards and the use of the device. This device is not a toy. Children must not clean or maintain the appliance without supervision.

Rasp Callus Electric PediSilk?

  • Charge the battery before use.
  • Remove the protection cap before use.
  • Check that the roll is properly placed on the device.
  • Press the button to operate the unit: press once to activate the slow speed and act on the sensitive areas of the foot. Press twice to increase the speed and eliminate the areas heavily hardened.
  • For optimal operation, use the device ensuring that the power button is always facing the top. Hold the device by the lower part without pressing too hard.
  • Go gently in the roll on areas of dry and rough feet. Avoid staying on the same area for more than 5 seconds continuously. For use only on dry skin. Do not press too hard. Stop mmédiatement the use in case of irritation or redness of the skin.
  • Turn off the device once the desired results are obtained.
  • Moisturize your feet after the treatment for added comfort.

Connect to a voltage source which complies with the features of the device . During charging, place the unit in a location readily accessible to disconnect, and far from any source of heat or moisture . Do not pull on the cable to disconnect it . Do not open or manipulate . Use the product only for the purposes for which it was designed . Only recommended on rough areas of the feet . In case of discomfort, or irritated skin, stop using the product immediately . Do not use on skin that is wet or damaged . Do not use the product when it is connected to the sector . Do not wet the product or dive into the water . Keep the product at a distance hair and clothes . Not suitable for diabetics and those with circulation problems . Keep out of the sight and reach of children . Store the unit in a dry place . Do not use in case of visible defects . Unplug the appliance when not in use for prolonged periods . This case is an integral part of the equipment and must be maintained throughout the duration of the life of the device.

Accessories for Manicure and pedicure PediSilk?

  • Press the button located on the right side of the device, and remove the roller (check that the camera is turned off).
  • Insert the adapter accessories in the square on the left side of the device and gently press until it snaps into.
  • Place the accessory of your choice in the hole in the left side of the roll adapter, and gently press down until a click sound is heard.
  • Verify that the roller and the accessory are correctly in place before using the device.

For exclusive use with the Rasp Callus Electric PediSilk?. Regularly clean the accessories and let them dry before the next use. Store the accessories in their protective cover. Keep in a dry place, safe and out of the reach of children. For use only on the nails of foot and hand. Stop using in case of irritation or discomfort. Do not use excessively, and do not use on nails for weak, damaged or infected

Rasp Callus Electric PediSilk?

  • 2 rotation speeds: quick to the heels and rough areas, slowly to the normal areas and/or sensitive.
  • Reels equipped with the technology nanominérale: available in 2 degrees of exfoliation: normal and extra rough.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charger with USB adapter included). 1 hour of autonomy!
  • Easy to clean: roll removable and washable for maximum hygiene.
  • Ergonomic design adapted to the shape of the foot. Easy to transport thanks to its light weight and its compact size.
  • Compatible with the accessories of manicure and pedicure Pedisilk?.

Accessories for Manicure and pedicure PediSilk?

  • Remove the cuticles: to eliminate the edges that are unnecessary to have nails clean and neat.
  • Define and shape the contours: to cure the shape and contour of the nails.
  • Smooth the surface: to smooth the surface of the nail before the Polish.
  • File down the nails: to round or sharpen the nails without effort.
  • Polish and shine: to obtain a high-sheen finish.

Included: grater, electric PediSilk?, 1 roll exfoliator normal, a charger + cable with USB adapter, a protective cap and accessories of manicure and pedicure range PediSilk?

Not included: roll scrub extra.

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