Ylang Ylang Huile Ess Bio 5ml Pranarom



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Native to Asia, this tropical tree with glossy leaves and persistent reaches 20 meters high in the wild. The yellow flowers mature produce the best essential oil. The ylang-ylang provides an essential oil whose fragrance is universally appreciated for its notes of warm, floral, exotic, round and feminine. It is hardly surprising that it is part of the essential oils which, by olfaction, can change a human behaviour.

Tips & Tricks:
Ideas scented : HECT Ylang-ylang: 2 ml + HECT Wood of Hô: 1 ml + 100 ml of alcohol at 70°. 30 drops HECT Ylang-ylang added to 1 litre of wax for your furniture fragrance it gently into your linens.

Massage a few drops diluted in a vegetable oil for local application.
Oral: -
Dermal: ++++ (!)
Aerial distribution: ++++
Inhalation aerosol: -
+++++ = highly recommended – (!) use with caution

• Skin Irritation (dermocaustique) possible in a pure state. •?May cause sensitization by skin contact. • Avoid the pure contact with the skin. •?May cause lung damage if swallowed. • In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting?: consult a doctor and show him the packaging. •?Keep out of reach of children.

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