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Origan Espagne Hle Ess5ml Pranarom



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The oregano from Spain.
It is an essential oil is a little bit shunned by professionals and purists, because it is a plant that is a hybrid between the famous oregano from Morocco (Origanum compactum) and the equally famous mountain savory (Satureja Montana).
The oregano from Spain, therefore, is to origans that the lavender is the lavender.
However, this oil phenol has nothing to envy to the antimicrobial potency of the oregano in Morocco ; just consider this : more than 50% of carvacrol, probably the phenol aromatic the more microbicide, but also the gamma-terpinene, characteristic of oregano from Morocco.

So don't hesitate to think of the oregano from Spain when you have a little glitch of health (sore throat, intestinal discomfort, etc.) that you used to manage with the oregano compact or savory !
However, always be attentive and remember that these essential oils are to be used with caution and discernment because they are irritating to the skin and the mucous membranes of the ...

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