Immortelle Helichrysum Huile Essentielle 100ml Pranarom



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The essential oil of everlasting, commonly called Immortal, immediately evokes the eternal life.
In cosmetics, it is used against wrinkles, crow's feet and under-eye circles, but also stretch marks and scars.
Antispasmodic thanks to its esters, it is sometimes found in massage oils for back ache, stiffness after sport, the uncontrolled pain (stomach ache) or just the hiccups.
The level of smell, the essential oil of immortelle has a fragrance that is vivid and intense, sweet but not always perceived as pleasant. In aromatherapy energy, it is said that it stimulates the creative action, that it provides the foresight necessary to the action. One does not broadcast it yet (it does not fit in very well with the diffusers of essential oils).
You can, however, anoint the wrists and the solar plexus if you wish to work on these aspects more olfactory.

Internally : 2 drops of essential oil, 2 times per day in honey, or vegetable oil olive or on a cane sugar under the tongue for liver ailments
Externally : 2 to 8 drops of essential oil depending on the scope and importance of the indication in penetrating massage and repeated as necessary

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