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Biofloral Elixir Vinaigre 4 Voleurs Bio 500ml



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Stimulates the defenses naturellesNettoie and assainitIdéal lice


In-house :

Pure or diluted with water : 1 tablespoon per day for prevention,2 tablespoons per day for stronger action.

External :

Inhalation : 1 to 2 tablespoons in a bowl of boiling water.

In friction : all over the body, pure or diluted in half with water.

Disinfection of wounds, insect bites, skin irritations various : pure or diluéde half-way with water, light-weight application or in a compress.

Clearing head lice : pure, lotion abundant, leave plusieursheures, rinse with clear water. This all-day infectious period, ettous 2 to 3 days in prevention.Hair Lotion : to clean the scalp, shining hair oudonner of inflating, spray or rub after rinsing the shampoo.Tonic Lotion : to be rubbed in pure or diluted in half with water, on the face and whole body, either in the bath, put 1 glass of pure cider vinegar.

Other uses :

Purification of air : spray direct.Disinfection of various materials : by soaking, rubbing or spraying.

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