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A wellness space for your hair

Enough of your capillary problems, you don’t find any solution or any appropriate product for your hair type?… Close the eyes, you are in Paris, place of the Madeleine and you move towards number 15. The doors open to you and you enter a pleasant space with delicate scents in a relaxing atmosphere…. You are in the René Furterer Institute, creator of the first Hair Spa in 1957. Here, we do not speak only about shampoos but rather about an authentic method of treatment which includes preparation, washing, and treatment of the hair.

Discover the specific range René Furterer to your capillary type;

Katity for dry hair, Sublime Curl for wavy, curly hair, Absolute Keratin for damaged hair, Astera for sensitive scalp, Forticea, hair loss, Naturia all shair type, Okara for coloured hair, Cubicia for oily scalp, and many others… Types of products: pre-shampoo, shampoo, care with rinsing, care without rinsing, hair loss treatment, styling care, sun protection for hair.

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